How the Process Works

Residential new construction, additions, and remodeling projects

To begin with, we listen very carefully to your desires, goals, and dreams about the project. We discuss the basic elements such as number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc. We talk about what you envision, and what kind of style you like. If you’re not sure what you want, we help by providing different ideas so you can determine what you like. Your desires are our top priority. We learn what you want and don’t insist on our own ideas.   

Phase 1: Schematic Design
We provide at least two different schemes, and often as many as four or five.  You can pick and choose features you like from each option and combine your favorite elements from each. The goal of this step is to define the concept.

Phase 2: Design Development Drawings
The approved schematic design is loaded into our CAD system. In this phase we often continue to make changes to improve the project.

Phase 3: Construction Documents
The project drawings are completed with all the necessary notes, dimensions, cross sections, and all the information the builder will need for the building permit and construction.

Phase 4: (Optional) Interior Design
Interior design can be included as part of the residential design project – see our Interior Design page for more information.

Additional details and construction administration, renderings, and detailing services are provided as necessary or at the client’s request.

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